About us

FESPA ESPAÑA is the Business Association of Visual Communication.

Founded in 1991 as the Spanish Association of Serigraphy and Digital Printing Companies, FESPA España Asocición is one of the 27 European associations and 10 global associations that are members of FESPA.

FESPA España Asociación continues as a legally independent and autonomous association of FESPA. However, the FESPA España Asociación benefits from the FESPA reinvestment program, which allows to direct part of the benefits of the different FESPA global events and fairs in projects and initiatives for the benefit of its global community of printing service providers.

As a member of the global network of FESPA, FESPA España Asociación has access to a wide network of contacts, market information, technical knowledge and good practices that are shared among its members.

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